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Video is an extremely powerful marketing tool. It can help build relationships, make it easier to be found online, trigger a recall of information from the viewer and most importantly grab and keep the attention of viewers. In the world of home sales, video is playing a major role in shoppers' habits. The National Association of Realtors says that 36% of homebuyers are using video as an informative source during the home search. Our quality High Definition videography is created completely for you under your brand.

Introduce​ yourself to potential clients and let them get a sense of your personality. This HD video will serve as your unique first impressions, highlighting you (the agent) and can then be posted to a YouTube channel and your website.

With 70% of house hunters watching video tours of potential purchases, this package will provide a marketing punch that grabs their attention. NDM produces a two minute HD walking tour video of the property set to music. Royalty fees not included.

Some properties need just a little bit more attention when marketing it for sale. We have many options that can suit your needs. Call for more details. Royalty fees not included.

Community tours are among the most viewed videos by online house hunters at an astounding 86%. We work with you to produce a stunning video that not only conveys your brand, but will also showcase the community that you serve. Call for more details. Royalty fees not included.